Research Proposal Review Panel

So this was the nail-biting make-or-break moment that I had been dreading upon the commencement of my PhD. That moment of being under the firing line of 3 academic veterans equipped with countless years of knowledge and experience promptly after my exodus from research boot camp. Leading up to the review panel of my research […]

6 months in

So I’m at the half year mark of my research venture and let’s take a look at what I’ve learnt, where I’m at and the direction I’m heading in with this project. One of the most significant elements to attaining success that I’ve wrapped my round head around is that motivation and genuine passion is […]

2 Months In…

Dear Diary. Day 64. Still no communication with the outside world. Confined within these four walls in absolute solitude slowly caving in, I feel delirious, dehydrated, demented. Starting to hallucinate. Seeing stars…no…. solar cells. Clinging onto what iota of sanity I have left. Ever wondered if this is what goes through the mind of a […]

My first two weeks

You know how you have a brief bit of downtime to prepare for your new job or whatever it may be. That period, between the time you get offered the job and your starting date, where you just kick back, relax and watch your favourite TV shows. Well, I had a LOT of downtime which […]