Introduction – Who am I? What will I be doing?


My name is Abul Hasnath but my friends and family call me Roni – You could say that I’m known as Abul by day and Roni by night. That was a joke. You’ll get used to my lame off the wall jokes. I’m full of it.

Anyway, I’d like for you to accompany me on this journey that I have embarked on not too long ago. A journey that most people dare not to even think about after graduating let alone utter it and consider it as an option. A journey that will inevitably cause chaos, havoc and permanent head damage (hint hint) upon the person who decides to pursue it.  A journey by the end of which will hopefully get me recognised as an original contributor to knowledge and will subsequently earn me the title ‘Dr’, a Nobel Prize and a high flying job. What is this journey you ask? You guessed it, the journey of me doing a PhD.

If you were to ask me 3 years ago after I graduated, ‘Would you consider doing a PhD?’, I would’ve answered back with the question ‘Do I look like I’ve lost the will to live?’Now 3 years later, oh boy has my outlook changed. I look back at myself 3 years ago and think to myself how naive and foolish I was to think that employers would be crawling on their knees towards me with job offers from left, right and centre. ‘Well, what’s changed since then?’ you may be asking yourself. The short answer is a lot. The long answer is something I intend to blog about in due course.

To get back on track, I intend to post blogs about myself diving head first into a PhD and the trials and tribulations that I’ll be facing as the weeks go by right up until the end of my PhD. I’ll be taking you through a 3 year (possibly longer or maybe even shorter) roller coaster ride which I’m sure will have many highs and ten times as much lows. I also intend to blog about the latest news and technology surrounding my PhD and share my opinions on the subject of matter.

I guess I should address the big elephant in the room i.e. What the hell is my PhD based on?? Stay tuned to find out in the next episode of….I don’t have a name for this journey yet.



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