Inadvertently becoming adept

Prior to the acceptance of what could possibly be my fated demise, life was a much simpler time; the wind whistled and tumbleweeds rolled across my cast away calendar. The shape of my face featured more structure than my daily schedule (and I’ve got a pretty round face haha). Prior to me challenging the research of doomed to a duel, the resemblance between my brain and a snicker’s bar was uncanny in that they both were filled with peanuts.  😀 My expertise lied in lie-ins, fry ups, buying high end attires and thriving nightly to beat the top score in Skyrim (Eminem eat your heart out!). The run of the mill skills I possessed back then would have made Mr Bean look like a chess grandmaster and Homer Simpson like a nuclear physicist (oh wait….) 😀

Now that I’m actually engaging in thought-provoking activities and I’m eating much healthier (the occasional carrot), I’m en route to developing a mind comparable to a bar of gold (ego much?) as opposed to a bar of nutty goodness. I’m learning a great deal about solar cells and interacting with the pleasant beings of academia dabbling at the forefront of research; at my previous workplace, the only thing I dabbled with was the office printer which was just a front for looking busy in the presence of seniority :D. I’m getting proficient at handling the machines with minimal supervision; I’m mastering the art of striking a plasma inside a vacuum chamber (and no, I’m not talking about your Dyson hoover) when 4 months ago I barely grasped the concept of striking a conversation with the human species. 😛

Not only am I getting my Hansel and Gretel on as I’m finding my way with the wide array of lab equipment, but I’m putting on my deerstalker hat and magnifying glass whilst puffing on a pipe as I attempt to eagerly dissect the mind boggling set of results and data the machines churn out.  Never in my lifetime did I think that I would become adept at deducing facts in great detail from what’s on a piece of graph with all kinds of squiggly lines. All of these research related endeavours seem to be overloading my as is big head with tonnes of new information; Every so often, I should put my mind and memory at ease by delving into mind numbing, dead end, ‘Honey-I-Shrunk-My-Brain’ activities like…teaching (no offence to any teachers out there! :P).


Current Feels


In other news, I’m flying off to Greece next week! Looking forward to the hardly-earned 1 week break from the ever-bewildering PhD life so that I can make an exhibition of my Hercules-like physique across the exquisite land of Greece.  I shall be back to entertain you in a couple of weeks with more posts entailing my holiday experience in Greece and more ‘holy crap’ days as a PhD student :).




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