6 months in

So I’m at the half year mark of my research venture and let’s take a look at what I’ve learnt, where I’m at and the direction I’m heading in with this project.

One of the most significant elements to attaining success that I’ve wrapped my round head around is that motivation and genuine passion is key to breaking through barriers and hopping over hurdles; I’ve come across many obstacles hindering but not halting me from getting the desired outcome. At these junctures, it was necessary to muster up the motivation and determination to devise practical solutions and work around the challenges imposed upon me.

I’ve just finished writing up the final draft of my research proposal which will soon be submitted once it has been approved and signed off by my supervisors. I went through sleepless nights and consumed endless cups of coffee in hopes of completing my research proposal before the deadline only to find out that I’m going to submit it late anyway.  Well, better late than never I guess.

Now that I’ve been ploughing through papers for 6 months and possess an iota of knowledge in my area of research (what experts of the field would affiliate with child’s play and nursery rhymes), Do I have vision of where I’m going with this project? Do I know what I need to do, both in and out of the lab, to achieve my research goals? Now that I’ve been given the context of my project, can I come up with the content? We’ll find out soon enough…




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